Public Outreach

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La Quinta High School Career Symposium

In February 2019, I gave a presentation at La Quinta High School’s annual career symposium about working in academic political theory. This was a great opportunity to introduce high school students to political theory (What is it? What kinds of questions do political theorists ask and research?), what it’s like to work in the field (What does a professional political theorist do, from day to day?), what kind of education it requires (Do you need a graduate degree? Does getting one cost money?), and what the long-term career prospects look like.

Princeton University Day of Action

I co-led a “teach-in” with Chloé Bakalar at Princeton’s 2017 Day of Action. The Day of Action was meant to bring Princetonians together (attendees included university affiliates, as well as community members not affiliated with the university) to discuss the political challenges facing us—in particular how to use our expertise and resources to promote diversity and equality—after the 2016 presidential election. Our session, entitled “Speech & Rhetoric in American Democracy: How Discourse Shapes Activism and Civic Life,” explored how features of public discourse (such as Trump’s “America First” rhetoric and the use of social media) affect the nature of national and transnational civil society.